Professional Headshots: Boost Your Brand

In today’s competitive world, putting forth your best is expected. With online personas being as important as they are today, having a great professional headshot is key to making the ever so important first impression. If you want to stand above the crowd, a professional photo is crucial. You can use your photo on your companies website, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, and all other social media platforms. Don’t be another (poorly lit) face in the crowd. Separate yourself with a great professional portrait.


Headshot Photographer

In choosing your headshot photographer, you’ll want to choose someone who can work with you to understand your needs. We all have our unique personalities and so you’ll want to work with a photographer who can understand your vision for who you are. I will listen to you about any concerns you might have and let you know what he can do. I gladly serve all of Los Angeles and Orange County.

Corporate Headshots

Invest in yourself. You are your own most important asset. Only you bring your own specific blend of life experience, knowledge, and skills. Those unique qualities are what define you and your personal brand. Let us know what drives you and how we can help.


Creative Headshots

Looking for something different? Have an idea for your particular talents? Looking spice up your dating profile? Awesome! Let us know and we will make it happen.


Actors Headshots and Non-Actors Headshots

Who needs professional headshots? Just about anyone can benefit from a great professional headshot. Whether you are an experienced executive, seeking a career change, or just starting off on your path, is there any reason to to have a first-rate professional headshot? Headshots are not just for Actors, Performers, Public Speakers, Real Estate Brokers, Advertising Creatives, Salespersons, Business Owners, Authors, and Corporate Executives. I’m looking at you Brewer, Park Ranger, Auctioneer, and Dog Walker.

Headshot Studio: Your Place or Mine

Your headshots can either be done in studio or at your place of business. On-site sessions are great if you have a group of employees who need headshots, or have an office or creative space with suitable space.


Office Staff Photos

Team photos are a great way to show the spirit of your company. Contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities.


Your next step

Choose a package and let us know a little bit about yourself in the form below. We will contact you to work out the details and schedule.



Team Packages: Contact for Custom Quote

$299 for 1st person, $200 each additional person

  • Great for business staffs
  • Candid work shots: custom quote
  • Retouched selected images
  • Shoot at your location




Professional Packages from:


  • Individual shoot
  • Up to 1 hour of time
  • Online proofs
  • 4 retouched images
  • In studio
  • 2 Outfits

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What happens after your session? 

A private gallery of images will be online for you to choose your selected images. You will pick the best images and we will send you the final version.

Professional Photography Services

Interest in seeing more of my work? You may want to visit the lifestyle and studio people galleries.

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