Apparel Photography

With the wealth of great clothing companies and talented designers in Los Angeles and Orange County, top-notch apparel photography is a common need. Whether you represent an established brand that is looking to execute a massive catalog or a boutique retail shop with a unique line of products, Michael can help you with your clothing photo shoot.



Flat Clothing Photography

Typically clothes will look best when worn by a nicely shaped model but there can also be an opportunity to have garments lain flat on a white background such as for ecommerce. One way to have this done nicely is to fold the garment, that way you can see the color and style of the garment while it still appears flat and tidy. This would be similar to how a garment would appear folded in a retail store. Opening up the garment is possible as well. This is needed to convey the overall design of the garment and show all the features. The undesired effect is that the garment will appear very wide or wrinkled. Lain flat and unwrinkled will force the garment to look very wide. For a better shape, the piece will need to be scrunched up. All these considerations should be taken into account when deciding how to photograph your garments.  


Creative Clothing Photography

Another great option in photographing apparel on a table top is to have a fun creative group shot. This is a great way to show a brand’s color family for the season, or to show a range of product offerings. This will often make an effective print ad that conveys a brand’s personality. Having a selection of products arranged in a dynamic composition can make for an exceptionally compelling image. 


Clothing Photography Pricing

If you are interested in obtaining clothing photography pricing, please visit our product pricing page. I would recommend a stylist to help the apparel look it’s best. Please contact us with the details of your shoot for a more accurate estimate.