Product Photography Pricing

Product photography pricing is typically billed as a day rate plus any additional resources needed for a particular shoot. Please contact Michael with details of your shoot for an estimate on your project. Every photoshoot has it's own particular needs and resources. For advertising shoots, licensing usage will apply. Please inquire regarding smaller scale projects.


Day Rate:  Contact us with the details of your shoot
Retouching if needed $75/hour
Background removal for product shots on white $6 per image and up. 
Styling varies depending on project.
Macro images (focus stacking) $60 fee per image


Photography Estimates

Above are some general guidelines for pricing. Each project is bid based upon what is needed for a successful shoot. For a full and accurate estimate, please send along the details of your product photography needs.

Consider the following questions:

What are the objects to be photographed?

What do the products to be photographed look like? Most importantly what is the surface of the products? Shiny, glass, acrylic, black?

How many product of each category?

How many angles needed of each product? One straight-on or three-quarter or multiple angles of each product? For larger products, are there full shots plus close-up detail shots? 

What is the purpose of the images and how will they be used? Are these for printed advertisements or web?

Also very helpful if possible are images of your product or a similar product. Even smart phone captures are helpful or links to webpages are good.

Where will the photographs be taken? My Long Beach studio is available but I will accommodate location shoots if preferred.


What is included in a Day Rate?

A day rate is Michael’s basic fee for a day of photography. It includes professional camera and pro lenses, pro lighting gear, computer and software, and Long Beach studio rental if needed. How many images that can be completed in a day depends upon the complexity of the shoot and set ups. The more challenging a production, the less shots will be completed in a day. Michael strives to balance a proficient shoot while obtaining optimum results. 



Will I need retouching?

Michael will review all images for minor touch ups that can be done quickly such as a bit of a dust or a small blemish. This service is included with any project. Anything beyond small superficial clean up will require an hourly retouching fee. Retouching could range from fixing production issues in a product to enhancing a great advertising image. Michael can provide general estimates for retouching but typically this figure will be adjusted once final decisions are made on all the necessary adjustments. 

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