Industrial Product Photography

If you are in the need for an industrial photographer in Los Angeles or Orange County, please consider a look at Michael’s portfolio. Photographing industrial machines and tools is a narrow field of specialization. Hiring an experienced photographer in this arena is key to a successful shoot.

Photography for industrial machines such as large manufacturing equipment has it’s own unique challenges. Often these product can not be moved and need to be shot on site at the location where a product is installed or in a warehouse. This environment present many challenges to a photographer. Often the products are in a spot where it will be tricky to position photo lights. Camera placement might be problematic and may require a lift to achieve a vantage point for a large piece of equipment. Pillars might be in the way of camera angle or lighting. The existing lighting at the location might not be able to be turned off or controlled. Retouching is often needed to clean up the images. An example of industrial photography is server racks for computer servers, printing presses, large medical machinery such as CT scanners and x-ray machines, or a myriad of other large and mid-size machines. 

If your company is in need of an experienced industrial product photographer in Los Angeles or Orange County, please reach out to Michael with the details of your project.