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Los Angeles and Orange County Photographer

Michael DeLeon Photography is a professional advertising photography studio that specializes in product photography for commercial use. In addition to product work, Michael DeLeon is also highly capable in providing professional quality lifestyle, studio people, and architectural images. Michael has worked in Los Angeles and Orange County for 15 years on a diverse spectrum of photoshoots.  Whether you are focusing on creating a catalog of your products, an eye-catching conceptual advertisement, or a business to business brochure, Michael will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your project is executed to your highest expectations. Please contact Michael if you think he would be a good fit for your project.



Product Photography

Product photography is a common request for Michael. More than any other type of photography, shooting product shots is problem solving. It a series of decisions informed by experience and technique. Photographing products requires keen skill and control of lighting. Handling of contrast, detail, and perspective are all key concepts in studio product shoots. Although the final image may look quite simple, the process and lighting set-up can be quite complex. Michael has experience shooting all types of products such as housewares, aerospace equipment, electronics, apparel, and many others. 

Michael would be happy to hear about your project. Please visit the product photography gallery, contact Michael, or take a look at the pricing page.



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Lifestyle Photography

Michael DeLeon also specializes in lifestyle people photography. Lifestyle photography requires in-depth lighting knowledge but also the ability to connect with people on set. Michael’s approach is a steady confidence combined with a friendly manner in approaching subjects. A keen sense of concept execution is key in keeping a people shoot productive. Los Angeles and Orange County lifestyle photography is full of great potential to use all the amazing resources of each city. Both cities offers up beaches, grungy urban areas as well as a wealth of natural locations. Let Michael know what’s your vision. 



Studio People

Creative portraits in the studio is a niche category that Michael excels in executing. Michael can provide you with many options in lighting styles such as those that are very pleasing and natural, or slick and surreal. Portraits of people in a studio environment work well in connecting with a viewer and creating a great promotional piece. View the portfolio and let Michael know what style matches your inspiration.




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Top Los Angeles Photographer

Maintaining among the ranks of the best Los Angeles photographers demands an attention to detail and a constant aspiration to improve. This determination is what sets Michael apart and keeps his work strong and fresh across all categories. Consistency in lighting and concept execution is fundamental in providing top quality work.

Michael is an avid learner and researcher and keeps up to date on all the best practices for digital capture and workflow. This insures a seamless experience on set and proper delivery of high resolution files. Digital photography requires a knowledge of exposure, color, sharpening, noise reduction and other technical aspects to achieve high quality advertising images.



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Michael DeLeon Photography

Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

(310) 365-7485

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