The Oscars Should Give Up

Although I did enjoy all the movies up for 2013 Academy Awards Best Picture, nothing quite stole my heart this year. I was surprised by Silver Linings Playbook and I have a soft spot for David O'Russell, but I wasn't head over heels for it. Django was great but not as good as Inglorious Bastards or Kill Bill. Argo, the winner, was hampered down by sappy Hollywood cliche. The best movie I saw last year was Bellflower but that was released in 2011. I have to wonder how long the Oscars will matter? The whole affair seems like a relic and I'm waiting for something to kill it. For lack of a better idea, how about an American Idol type show with viewers picking the winner. Yeah, I know, that means Bieber wins every category but so what? Was I the only one who hated, hated, hated, Forest Gump and could't get through Dances With Wolves? Gladiator? Lord of the Rings? Titanic? Good Grief.